Play like a Girl Australia is an initiative dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls through sport.


 What we do

Play Like a Girl Australia have developed the first leadership program in Australia to guide the personal and
professional journey of girls through a sports lens.


Our flagship program gives participants a five-step blueprint to building a toolbox of mindset and self-belief strategies that can be used in any arena where a girl wants to make her mark. As well as relatable, easily implementable content it provides a valuable community for girls to discuss struggles and triumphs in a safe space with like-minded peers.


The Play Like a Girl leadership program teaches girls how to prepare well off-field so they can play to their full potential when it counts. 


We focus on training the brain, not just the body.


Most of all, we embrace and promote girls being playful, expressive and vibrant. We empower them to know that playing like a girl is a life strength, not a derogatory sledge.

To play like a girl is your ultimate power move.


    In our experience, girls learn best when they can see themselves reflected in what they’re learning and our programs are created with this in mind. Through authentic story telling, open conversations, mentoring and leadership development, we give girls the confidence, support and encouragement to aim high and think big! 


The Play like a Girl Scholarship program allows organisations, councils, schools, sporting associations and parents to purchase leadership scholarships for females actively involved in sport. 

Then, the team at Play like a Girl can do what they do best, which is unlock the leadership potential of future female leaders. 

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