PLAY LIKE A GIRL online leadership program

Play like a Girl Australia wishes to advise that applications for the September 2022 intake of our flagship leadership program are now open. 

We teach girls how to prepare well off-field so they can play to their full potential when it counts. 

We focus on training the brain, not just the body.


Most of all, it embraces and promotes girls being playful, expressive and vibrant. It empowers them to know that playing like a girl is a life strength, not a derogatory sledge.


As part of our mission to inspire more girls to play life to its’ fullest, we are pleased to release five scholarships for our next program.  The successful applicants will have their course fees covered ($1,495 value). 


Next course date: 

Tuesday 6 September, 2022

Participants meets at the same time, via zoom, over five consecutive weeks.  


Applicants should meet the following criteria:
Currently participating in sport in Australia 

Females aged 16 year + 

Access to a laptop or device 

This scholarship is available individuals and teams.


Our flagship five week online leadership program


The flagship program gives participants a five-step blueprint to building a toolbox of mindset and self-belief strategies that can be used in any arena where a girl wants to make her mark.

Killer content that gets you thinking


Short sharp video content that is easy to consume, engaging to watch and really relatable. A new module will be available each week- Each module contains 5 short videos, less than 5 mins each.  

Weekly live mentoring calls


Weekly live mentoring sessions give girls the opportunity to engage with each other and ask questions. 

Live events


Live workshops and guest speakers, Q& A sessions and more. All sessions are recorded and stored in our growing resource library exclusively for our members. 


12 month membership to an epic community


 We run our own private, safe, social network that allows participants to collaborate, connect and come together to enrich each other’s lives.  

 where team spirit runs in our DNA.   

Free copy of The Victress Book


This beautiful book is a tribute to our favourite female athletes. Participants in the program will refer to the book throughout the program.


To secure your spot, enrol now.

Your investment for this program is $1,495 + GST per person. 

*Payment plans are available for individuals. 

*Group discounts are available when you purchase more than places 10 places in our in our program. 


Click enrol now to register for one of our upcoming programs. 

Program kick off dates: 
Tuesday 6 September 2022
Wednesday 9 November 2022

Private  programs available at any time*


Apply now to have your course fees covered. 

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we are able to provide a number of scholarships to girls wishing to participate in this program. 

If your organisation would like to made a valuable contribution to a purposeful initiative promoting girls in sport, please email our team at


Module one: Getting your head in the game

What we tell ourselves isn’t always the truth. This is about realising how much our mindset impacts the way we play.   

– Identify negative thinking patterns and develop series of statements that empower you 
– Develop awareness of your inner self-talk and discover ways to improve your mental game
– Learn ways to use your body language to influence your confidence and improve performance


Module two:  How to play YOUR game.  

 This module is about putting you in the driver’s seat and giving you control over the game you play. You’ll learn how to realign your focus, how to reframe setbacks into opportunities and we’ll give you the power to step it up at any point in the game. 


– Decide on your sporting aspirations and create a vision for your future, beginning with the end in mind

– Learn ways to stay focused and reduce stress

– Design good habits and break bad ones

– Discover how to stop comparing yourself to others and decide on your own set of benchmarks

– Develop your own feedback tool so you always have a method of assessing your own performance 


Module 3: We’re stronger together

Knowing that nobody can do it all by themselves means including other people in the journey, building relationships, asking for help, learning to be a good team player and understanding the impact an individual’s energy has on a team.  


– Identify your own unique strengths and identify ways to put them into action

– How to cultivate a positive team environment and be a good role model

– Explore and understand your association to asking for help and turn it into a skill

– Identify the emotions you experience on game day and learn how to use them as a tool


Module 4: As you imagine, so you lead

It’s time to step up their leadership journey, uncovering what kind of leader they want to be, their legacy vision and the strengths they bring that will help create a high-performance team. 


– Learn about girls who have made Australian sporting history  Discover ways of cultivating courage in your life

– Choose the leadership values and behaviours that are most important to you

– Learn a simple tool to help you overcome imposter syndrome


Module 5: Playing like a Girl

Discover the essence of being feminine and why it is vital to bring it in sport, life and career. It’s about role models, how young women prepare themselves for the world and how being a girl empowers rather than impacts us. 


– Identify your gender mindset and your own definition of what play like a girl means to you

– Create and present your own visual tool based on what you’ve learned in the program 

– Learn visualization techniques used by the best athletes and let your own lessons in this program continue to inspire you


with thanks to our partners


Play like a Girl Course Brochure (pdf)



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