Demonstrate your commitment to empowerment of girls and women and gender equality by teaming up with Play like a Girl Australia. 

Empowering girls and women is essential to achieving gender equality which is why we’ve created the Play like a Girl Scholarship Program. 

The scholarship program allows organisations, councils, schools, sporting associations and parents to purchase leadership scholarships for females actively involved in sport. Then, the team at Play like a Girl can do what they do best, which is unlock the leadership potential of future female leaders. 

Our programs have a key focus on developing transferrable skills learned through sport (i.e. perseverance, resilience, tenacity, problem solving, innovation, navigating high-pressure situations within a team, cultural & emotional intelligence). 

With the investment provided for leadership scholarships, we use our links into community & elite sport to invite females to participate in our programs on fully-paid scholarships. 

Our growing community of female leaders continues to grow and our expected outcome is that these talented and ambitious females springboard off the lessons learned in our program and have the confidence to take on a leadership role within their community, club or career.

Sport is a powerful platform to foster gender equality and empower women and girls.


Make a tangible contribution to the empowerment of girls and women.

Have your business recognised for your commitment towards gender quality through brand engagement and activation opportunities at key initiatives and events.

Have a female athlete as an ambassador for your business, who will be available for speaking engagements and events.

Provide leadership development opportunities to sportswomen through education scholarships.

Join a network of businesses who are committed to ensuring girls and women are given every opportunity to lead in sport and life.

Connect with our national community of talented female alumni and provide internships and employment opportunities.

play like a girl scholarship program

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When you provide funding for a girl to participate in our leadership program you are joining a community of partners and sponsors who are committed to ensuring girls and women are given every opportunity to lead in sport and life.

gold partners

Our partners provide fully paid leadership scholarships (quantity depends on partnership level) to girls and women in actively involved in sport. We have a long list of girls eager to start our program; what better way to help support them then through a fully paid scholarship.





Bronze partners

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There are so many ways for your organisation to get involved with Play like a Girl Australia!

Get in touch with our Key Account Manager, Diana Zivanovic, today on +61 401 393 779 or email and we will customise a proposal for your consideration. 

play like a girl scholarship program

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to sponsor a girl? 

One scholarship costs $1,495 per person which includes our five-week leadership program and a 12 month membership to our secret community. 

What is the age demographic of the girls? 

Participants must be at least 15 years old and nobody is “too old” to participate. Our community is diverse in age, background and experience. 

When and where do the programs run?

We run four online programs each year. See upcoming dates: 
– Monday 30 January, 2023 
– Tuesday 18 April, 2023 
– Wednesday 26 July, 2023 
– Monday 23 October, 2023 

What is involved in the program? 

Download our program brochure here:
Play like a Girl Australia- September

How do you select the recipient? 

If you have someone in mind, you can allocate it to her. 

Alternatively, we can allocate your scholarship to a girl who has already applied for a scholarship. We have a massive list of girls ready and waiting for an opportunity to join our program.  

Do you offer corporate training?

Yes. We can provide guest speakers and
play-based sales and leadership training for your staff. 

Have a question? We would love to hear from you.

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